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All About Us

Combat to Contract!

We are a Veteran and family owned company with over 18 years experience as a deck and fence installer and other construction specialties. We have developed extensive knowledge and experience in a wide range of areas such as deck installation, fence installation, pergolas and other services. No matter why you hire us, we’re committed to making sure we give 100% to each job we take on. Contact me to set up a no-obligation estimate today!

Raul - Owner

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Raul is the owner of A Soldiers Deck and Fence Company. He is an Army OIF/OEF Veteran who served 9 years with a comical personality. He brings his humor to the job site and everywhere he has worked. His experience began in construction in 2002 building custom homes and then extended to fence installations, deck installations and remodeling. He is a builder that takes pride in his work and loves teaching others to build with the same skill and precision.

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Taralyn - sales manager

Taralyn spent 9 as a military wife and is an avid supporter of those that have served in the military. She is also a contractors daughter and has spent most of her life around job sites.  Her knowledge of fencing and decking is obtained by hands on work and experience. She builds along side us whenever needed and is a great salesman with substantial knowledge of building and planning.

Tierralyn - Salesman

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Tierralyn - Salesman

Tierralyn spent 9 years as a Military Brat. She has an understanding of what families go through in the midst of deployments and has a heart for supporting soldiers. She graduated early from Red Bank High School serving 3 years in JROTC finishing as a Captain and pondered the idea of joining the military as well, but ultimately she decided to work in the family business after spending many childhood moments going to work with dad. She is currently a salesman and has also built on the job sites with a knowledge of how the process works with a keen sense of design and ideas for making your space look amazing!

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Silas - crew lead

As a local Red Bank Alumni, Silas spent his summers between football practices working on the job sites in the family business. From an early age he has developed comprehensive knowledge constructing and installing multiple styles of fencing, as well as, expanding his knowledge in building and resurfacing decks, installing handrail and custom stairs. He has formed such a love for building and brings pride to his generation as an extremely hard worker with an incredible sense of humor!

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